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Customize Descendant and Index View Columns

You can select up to 15 pieces of information to be displayed on the Index View and Descendant View lists.  To add, remove, or rearrange the columns, either click on an existing column heading or click the Options button and choose Customize Columns

The Descendant or Index View is displayed by clicking the Descendant or Index tab on the Ribbon bar.

Selecting a Column
To change a column, click the icon to the right of it.  This pops up the Field Names to Display list where you can select the piece of information you want to show.  Highlight the field you want to include and then click Select.

Rearranging Columns
You can move a column to anywhere in the list by clicking it to highlight it and then clicking the up or down Move arrows to reposition it.  You can also use drag and drop to move fields around.

Deleting Columns
To remove a field from the list, highlight it and then click Delete.  You don't have to worry about blank spaces in the list.  When saved, the blanks are removed.

Saving the Column Layout
If you find that you are reusing a particular column layout, you can save it to disk for use in the future.  Up to ten different setups can be saved.  To save a setup, click Save....  When the Save Column Layout window appears, select one of the ten save positions by clicking on it.  Next, enter a name (up to 40 characters) in the Name field to describe the setup and then click Save.

Loading a Saved Column Layout
If you have saved the setup from one or more column layouts, you can quickly load them back in by clicking Load....  When the Load Column Layout window appears, highlight the entry you want to load and then click Load.  (Or just double-click on the entry.)  

Restoring the Defaults
To reset the column layout to just include RIN, full name, sex, birth date and place, and death date and place, click Default.

When you are done, click Close.  The new column layout is then displayed in the Index View.

Note:  The settings for the Customize Descendant and Index View Column screens are saved in a file called CustCols.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.