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Customize - General Settings

The General Settings are reached by choosing Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar and then clicking on the General Settings option on the menu panel.   (See Customize Options for a summary of the customization options.)

1.1 Program Startup
Start With Legacy Home View / Start With Family View / Start With Pedigree View / Start With Descendant View / Start With Chronology View / Start With Index View / Start with last used View
Select the view you want to appear when a new family file is opened.

1.2 Starting Family File
Open Last Family File Automatically
Legacy reopens the family file you were using when you last exited the program.  

Always prompt for Starting Family File
Legacy prompts you for the family file to use when you start the program.

Always Open This File
You can select a preferred family file to open whenever Legacy is started.  To select or change the file name, click the Down button.

1.3 Starting Family
Display Preferred Startup Family
Displays the family that has been set to be the Preferred Family whenever the program is started.  (You can set or change the Preferred Family by choosing Set Startup Family from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar.)

Display Last Viewed Family
Legacy redisplays the last current family from the previous session when the program starts.

1.4 Starting Ribbon Tab
When Legacy first starts, you can select which ribbon tab you want to have displayed to begin with.  You can choose a specific tab or have the last viewed tab displayed.  You can also choose to start Legacy with the ribbon minimize.
1.5 Tagging Options
Enable Tagging Options
You can tag individuals and marriages to mark them for various reasons.  For example, you might want to tag some people to be included in a report, or tag some individuals who you are currently doing research on so you can find them quickly when you get more information.  There are nine tags you can use for each individual and for each marriage.  (The Standard Edition has only three tags.)  This lets you use different tags for different purposes.  Perhaps you want to export all individuals with tag #3, print Individual reports for all tag #2 people, and use tag #1 for names you are currently working on.

If you want to use the tagging option in Legacy, you can turn it onby checking the box.  (See Advanced Tagging for more information on how to use this powerful feature.)

1.6 Show Pop-up ToolTips
Display tooltips 
Help is available on many features in Legacy as small pop-up help strings called ToolTips.  When the Display tooltips feature is enabled, holding the cursor over a button or other area on the screen for about a second, causes the help string to display.  

Display Quick Name Lists
On the Family View, when you hover over the Wives or Husbands buttons for either the Husband or Wife, a tooltip list of the names of the spouses appears.  Hovering over a childs name in the child list shows the names of his or her spouses.  On the Family and Pedigree Views, hovering over the Alternate Names button shows a list of the alternate names.  Hovering over the Parents button shows the names of the parents.  

1.7 Pop-up Information Boxes
On the Pedigree View, an Information Box can be displayed whenever the cursor is placed on top of any individual names.  The box displays the person's name and the date and place of birth, christening, death, and marriage along with a list of the spouses and children of the individual.  

The behavior of the pop-up information boxes can be changed with the following options:

Never Pop-Up Info Boxes
Turns off the Information Box display.

Must Click on Name to Pop-Up
Displays the Information Box for an individual when you click the person's name.  A second click of the name closes the box.

Pop-Up Automatically
Displays the Information Box for an individual after the cursor has been on top of the person's name for the specified amount of time.  You can change the time delay by using the Up and Down arrows to increase or decrease the delay time.  The value corresponds to the number of 1/10th of a second.  Setting the value to 10 is equivalent to 1 second; 5 equals half a second.

1.8 FamilySearch
Selecting this option turns on FamilySearch integration which turns on the synchronization icons on the Family and Pedigree Views.  

1.9 LDS
Turn on or off the LDS options in Legacy by selecting or deselecting the Display LDS Information checkbox.

Click the Set LDS Options button to select how certain ordinance information is displayed on main screens and printed on reports.  (See LDS Options for more information.)

Saving Your Settings as Future Default Values
You can save the option settings you have selected to be future User-Defaults.  See How Legacy Saves Option Settings for more information.

Changing the Settings Back to Their Default Values
You can change the customize options back to their default settings.  See  How Legacy Saves Option Settings for more information.

For information on the other sections in the Customize area, see:
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(See Where to Find an Option for a complete, alphabetized list of each available option and where to find it.)

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