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Customize - Fonts

The Font settings are reached by choosing Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar and then clicking on the Fonts option on the menu panel.   (See Customize Options for a summary of the customization options.)

You can change the fonts used for screen forms and printed reports.

10.1 Screen Fonts

Screen fonts are used on the screen to display labels, data, and notes.  The is also a specific font for use on the Legacy Home tab browser window. 

See Legacy and the visually impaired for more information.

10.2 Report Fonts

Report fonts are used for various sections of a generated report. 

To select a different font for use on the screen displays or on reports, click the Change button on the appropriate line and then select the new font by highlighting its name and clicking OK.  You can also set the minimum and maximum font size to be used on the main Legacy View screen (The Legacy Home, Family, Pedigree, Descendant, Chronology, and Index View tabs).  As you stretch and reduce the size of the main windows in Legacy, the font sizes are changed accordingly.  If you shrink it to a small size, the fonts may become unreadable.  The minimum font size value stops this from happening.  A minimum font size of 7 or 8 is usually a good setting.  If desired, the stretching of fonts can be turned off by unchecking the Stretch Fonts when Resizing Screens option.

Saving Your Settings as Future Default Values
You can save the option settings you have selected to be future User-Defaults.  See How Legacy Saves Option Settings for more information.

Note:  Color scheme settings in Legacy also include the current fonts when they are saved.  Thus, when a saved color scheme is loaded, the font settings for Legacy will be changed to those saved with the color scheme.  See Customize - Colors for more information on color schemes.

Changing the Settings Back to Their Default Values
You can change the customize options back to their default settings.  See  How Legacy Saves Option Settings for more information.

For information on the other sections in the Customize area, see:
General Settings
Data Entry and Edit
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Other Settings

(See Where to Find an Option for a complete, alphabetized list of each available option and where to find it.)

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