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Customize - Locations

The Locations settings are reached by choosing Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar and then clicking on the Locations option on the menu panel.   (See Customize Options for a summary of the customization options.)

In most instances, this window should not have to be used. If, however, it becomes necessary to change a default location for your family files this can be accomplished from this screen. You should have a good understanding of Microsoft Windows and the related file locations and folder names.  When Legacy is installed, a Data folder is created for files; a Sound folder for sounds and video; and a Picture folder for images. 

6.1 Default Location of Family Files
This is the folder on your hard disk, where Legacy first looks for your family files.  To change this location, click the Change button and select a different folder.

6.2 Default Location of Media Files
Legacy keeps track of all the folder locations from which you have loaded picture, sound, and video files.  If the file cannot be found in any of these locations, the Find File window is displayed and offers to help you find it or let you browse for it yourself.

As you link pictures, sounds, video, and other documents into your family file, Legacy automatically records their location folders.

You can set a default drive and folder for linking media.  To make a change, click the Change button.  The Reset button changes the current option back to the original default.

Adding New Media Locations
To add a new location folder to the list, click the View Current List of Media Locations button.  The Master Media Folder List window appears.  Here you can add new locations or remove unused ones.

Testing the Locations
If you would like to test all the picture links within your family file, click the Test All Media Folders button.  Legacy tests to see if each media file exists.  If a file cannot be found within the current list of folders, you are given the opportunity to find it yourself or to delete the reference.

6.3 Location of Temporary Spill File
Legacy needs temporary disk space to store information when doing certain operations.  These needs vary from small report files to copies of your entire family file.  The default location for this temporary disk space is the same place Windows stores its temporary files.  

If there is not enough free space in the default location, you can change to a different drive with more space, by clicking the Change button and selecting a new drive and folder.

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