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Customize Family View Toolbars

The icon  toolbars on the Family View can be customized to show only the tools you want to use.  

To customize the toolbar:
1. Click the Design button near the upper-right corner of the ribbon bar and then choose Toolbars > Husb/Wife toolbars.  The Customize Family View Toolbars screen appears.
2. Add, remove, or move tools as desired.
3. Click OK when you are finished.

To remove a tool from the toolbar, drag it off the Family View Toolbars in the top row and drop it somewhere on the background.  Any tools to the right will move in to fill the space.

To add a new tool to the toolbar, drag it from the Available Toolbar Buttons in the second row and drop it at the position you want to place it.  As you drag a tool over the toolbar, a vertical line will appear to indicate where the tool will be inserted.  Any tools to the right will move over to make room.  
Note:  There is only room for ten tools on the bar.  If it is full, any insertion of another tool will cause the existing tool at the right end to be removed.

To move a tool from one position to another, drag the tool from its current position to the new position within the top Family View Toolbars.  The other tools will be moved to make room and fill the space.

To put all the standard tools back on the toolbar in the default order, click the Reset to Default button.

Any changes you make to the Husband and Wife toolbars are global and will be used for any family file that is opened.

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