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Customize Family View Information

There are up to five lines on both the Husband and Wife box of the Family View that can display information.  Each of these information lines can be changed to other pieces of information you might want to view instead.  To change the lines, click any of the descriptive labels to the left of the lines.  For example, "Born," "Christen," "Death," or "Buried."  The Customize Family View Information  window appears where you can select the new information you want to see.  

To select the pieces of information to be shown on the Family View:

1. Click the button to the right of the item you want to change.
2. From the resulting Field Names to Display  list, select the new item by highlighting it and clicking Select.  
3. Continue with steps 1 and 2 until you have selected the information you want to display.  If you want to display fewer than five items, choose blank - display nothing from the Field Names to Display  list.
4. When you are finished, click the Close button.

To reset all the fields back to their default names, click the Defaults button.

To save your settings for future use, click Save and specify a file name.

To load a previously saved setup, click Load and choose the desired file name.

The names in the Short Name column are used in place of the long names when the main window is less than a certain width.  This can occur when you are in Split Screen mode.