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Counting Trees

Often times there are unlinked individuals or groups of individuals in your family file along with your main family line.  These other people are often hard to find because they never show up when you are navigating through your family.  They are displayed in the Name List but you can't tell if they are connected to the main line.  These smaller groups are often added to your file so you can "keep track of them" until you find where they fit in.

Legacy has a feature that will search through your file and count the number of separate trees.  The resulting list shows the number of trees found and also the count of individuals in each one.  The count is shown to the right of the name of the person having the lowest record number (RIN) in that group.

To reach the Tree Finder screen, choose Trees on the View tab of the Ribbon bar.  The first time this screen is displayed, Legacy builds the list.  When you return to this screen in the future, the same list is shown (for speed reasons).  If you have added new trees or just want to make sure that the list is up-to-date, click the Refresh button.

To jump to a person, highlight their name and click Select or (double-click the name).
To rebuild the list, click Refresh
To print a report showing the contents of the list, click Print.
To tag the highlighted person, set the desired tag number in the lower-right and then click Tag the Highlighted Individual in the List.
To tag all the people in the list, click Tag All the Individuals in the List.
To tag all the people in the tree of the highlighted person, click Tag the Entire Tree of the Highlighted Individual.