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Copying Extra Information

When you are merging duplicate individuals you will often want to save some of the information from the person you are deleting.  Legacy allows you to copy this information to several different places, depending on what kind it is:

The Merge Two Individuals window appears when you select Merge Duplicates > Find Duplicates from the Tools tab of the Ribbon bar.  

You can either create an entry in the Alternate Names list or copy the name to the General Notes field.

Birth, Christening, Death and Burial
You can create an Event entry made up of the date and place, or you can copy the information to the General Notes field.

To copy a piece of information:

1. Click the small black-colored button to the left of the information in the Fields that are Different window.  Only lines that can be copied will have the button.  
2. Select the destination for the information.  Only the allowable destinations will appear on the pop-up menu.  The information that is not marked to be kept (the empty option button) is then copied to the selected destination.