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Copying Between Family Files

You have just used the drag and drop operation to copy a name from one Family file to another (See How to Copy From One File to Another).  This window prompts for information that is necessary to complete the operation.  Legacy needs to know what individuals and families you want to copy.

1. To copy just the individual you dragged over, click the Just the Individual Above button.  To copy the family of the selected individual, click the Family… button.  To copy the ancestors of the selected person, click the Ancestors… button.  To copy the descendants, click the Descendants… button.  To copy the entire family line of the selected person, click the Entire Family Line button.  And finally, to copy everyone in the entire file, click the Everyone in File button.  Some of the buttons, like Family…, Ancestors…, and Descendants…, will prompt you for a little more information on who exactly to include.
2. When you have selected all the people you want to copy, click the Start Copy button.  Legacy will then copy all the select individuals and families to the other family file.
3. If you dropped the first name on top of another name in the other family file, you will automatically be taken to the Merge section.  If you dropped the name on the background, Legacy will ask if you would like to merge records.  (See How To Merge Duplicate Individuals for instructions on how to proceed with the merge option.)

Other Options on the Screen
  • Changing the Names - If you dragged a person over and dropped them on top of another person, the two names are shown at the top of the window.  You can change either of these two people by clicking the Change button, which displays the Name List where you can select a different individual.
  • RIN Numbers - If you would like to try to keep the original record ID numbers when copying, check the Try to keep original ID numbers box.  However, if the numbers are already in use, new numbers will be assigned.
  • Format Name and Places - If you would like to have all names and places formatted according to your current customize settings, select this option.
  • AutoSource - You can automatically have a source attached to each record you copy by clicking the AutoSource button.  (See AutoSource for more information.)

    (See How to Copy From One File to Another for more information.)

    10-0003 : 20209 RK