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Chronology View (Deluxe Edition only)

To display the Chronology View, click on the Chronology tab on the main window.

What Does it Show?    See Example 
The Chronology View shows the current individual and all the surrounding events associated with that person.  These include the person's birth, christening, death and burial information, his or her individual events, marriages and marriage events, the birth of children, parents, and the individual and marriage notes.  Grandparents and grandchildren can also optional be included.  All these events are arranged on the view in sorted order so you can see what affected this person throughout his or her life.

Along the bottom of the screen are two controls that are described below:

Display Format
You can view the Chronology view in either Report Style or List Style.  Report Style is a grid list.  List Style is displayed in a rich text box which allows more formatting.  Click the down arrow to change the selection.


Display Options
Displays the Chronology View Options screen.  This screen lets you select and deselect the information that is shown on the view, change color highlighting, change column widths, and set report options.  (See Chronology View Options for more information.)

Clicking Report generates a print preview of the Chronology Report using the options set in the Chronology View Options.  This report can include a timeline chart and ages column as well as other color and formatting options.  (See Chronology Report for more information.)

Compare Two People
The Chronology Comparison Report combines the names, surrounding family, and events of two people and displays them side-by-side in date order making it much easier to see if they are really the same person and should be merged together.  See Chronology Comparison for more information.
Displays this help topic. 

You can use all the standard navigation features available in Legacy while viewing the Chronology.  These include the Bookmarks and Quick Bookmarks, the Individual and Marriage tags, the Back and Fwrd buttons, and the History List.  You can also change to other individuals by using the Name List and Marriage List, as well as by using the Search features and the Go To ID Number feature.

Rotating Through Tagged Records
When you have more than one tag set for a particular tag level, you can click the right and left arrows on the tag level button at the bottom of the screen, to rotate forward and backward through all the individuals tagged.

Note:  If you are using the Report Style display and you want to temporarily increase the size of the display font, you can do so by holding down the Ctrl key and using the wheel (if you have one) on your mouse.  

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