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Chronology Report (Deluxe Edition only)

The Chronology Report is produced from the Chronology View screen.  

The Chronology View screen (which is only available in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy) is reached by clicking the Chronology tab on the main Legacy screen.

The Chronology Report screen is reached by choosing Report from the dropdown menu displayed when you click the Options button on the Chronology View screen.

(See Chronology View for more information or Chronology Report Example for a sample report.)  This report shows an individual and all the surrounding events associated with that person.  These include the person's birth, christening, death and burial information, his or her individual events, marriages and marriage events, the birth of children, parents, and the individual and marriage notes.  All these events are arranged on the view in sorted order so you can see what affected this person throughout his or her life.  

You can include and exclude many items in this report, including a timeline chart and ages column to further illustrate the life events of the individual.  These options are all selected on the Chronology View Options screen.

Print Preview
The report is first displayed in the standard print preview screen.  From here you can scroll through the report and print it.  For all the options available from the Print Preview window, see Print Preview.)