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Checking Media Locations

To reach the Check All Media Locations window, choose Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar, choose the Locations option on the menu panel and then click the Test All Media Folders… button.

When you import information from a GEDCOM file containing references to picture, sound, video, and document files, Legacy needs to know where they are located on the new computer.  Most of the time, when you receive a GEDCOM from another person, the media files do not accompany it.  To reconcile picture, sound, video, and document links, you should have Legacy search for them.  To do this, click the Proceed button.  If you want to forget about any media files, unlinking them from the Family File, click the Unlink all media files button.

Unlinking Unreferenced Media Folders
When you link a media file to someone or something in Legacy, the path to the file is added to the Master Media Folder List.  When you remove a link, the path is not automatically removed from the list because other files may be using it.  If you would like Legacy to check each path in the list and then remove the paths that are no longer being used, select the Unlink unreferenced Media folders option.

List of Missing Files
You can produce a list of all the missing media files in the family file by selecting the option: Make a List of All Missing Media Files before clicking the Proceed button.  All missing files are logged in a text file called Missing.txt in the Legacy folder.  At the end of the process, Legacy offers to open and display this list in NotePad.  The list also includes the name and RIN number of the individual associated with each missing file.

10-1234 : 20206 RK