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Check and Repair Family File

The Check and Repair Family File screen is reached by choosing File Maintenance / Check/Repair from the File tab on the Ribbon bar.

Removing Deleted Records
When individuals are deleted from the Family File, all references to them are removed but the individual's information still exists in the file.  To remove the information, making the room available for other additions, select this option.  Legacy will go through the file and compress out all records that are not referenced.  It also checks all data integrity within the Family File.

Integrity Check
Legacy runs through your family file and checks the integrity of all the links to ensure that there are no pointers to deleted records.

Error Log
All actions taken during the verifying process are recorded in a text file named ERROR.LOG in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Log folder.  This file can be viewed with any text editor or word processor.

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