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Book Source Options

This screen is reached from the Source Options button of the Publishing Center.
 The Publishing Center is reached by choosing Build Book from the Report tab of the Ribbon bar.

Print Source Citations - Print where the information was found for the individual.
Where to Print - When printing groups of reports, such as Family Group Records and Individual Reports, you can choose to print the source citations pertaining to each report at the end of each one or all the citations pertaining to the whole group at the end.  When printing book reports, you can choose to print the citations as footnotes, endnotes after each generation, or endnotes at the end of the book.

Bibliography - Prints a bibliography at the end of a report.  (A bibliograph is a list of the books and other works cited in the report as sources.)

Include Master Source Pictures - Include the preferred image (if any) for each master source.
Include Detail Source Pictures - Include the preferred image (if any) for each source citation detail.
Picture Options - You can choose the relative size of the pictures printed (small, medium, or large) or a specific width.  The pictures can be printed with their captions and descriptions.  Pictures can also be printed with a background shadow of various shades and widths. To select or change the picture options, click the Set Source Picture Options... button.   The Picture Options screen where you can make the changes.

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