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Blank Family Group Records

You can print blank Family Group Records that you can use to fill in by hand when on research trips or to send to other family members to be filled in.

To print a blank Family Group Record:
1. From the Reports tab on the Ribbon bar, choose Family Group 
2. Click Blank Report near the lower-right corner to display the Blank Family Group Record Options window
3. Select the appropriate options
4. Click either Preview or Print to produce the report

The following options are available as you decide on the format of the form to print:

What to Include

The default Family Group Record blank has all the basic information normally included in such a form.  You can include optional lines for more information by checking the following boxes:

Christening date and place
Cause of death
Notes (specify the number of lines to include).  This creates a section for both the Husband and the Wife.
LDS ordinance information

You can also specify the number of children to be printed and the number of spouse lines to print for each child.

Compiler Information
By checking this box, you can have your name and address printed in a small line at the bottom of each form.


Family Group Records can be printed in either portrait or landscape mode.

Line Spacing
You can adjust the line spacing of the report by setting this option to tight, normal or loose.  Tight spacing fits more lines on each page but is a little harder to read.  Loose spacing leaves lots of room to write between the lines.

Changing Fonts
You can set the font name and size used to print the labels and record information on the report.  

Where to Send the Report
The report can be output to two formats.  Make your choice by clicking on the appropriate option button in the lower right.  The choices are:

Screen / Printer - Sends the report to either the Print Preview window or directly to your printer depending on whether you click the Preview or Print button.

PDF File - Generates the report, displays it in the Print Preview window and then creates an Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) file.  This file can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and easily sent to other people by e-mail.  (This feature is part of the Deluxe Edition only.)

When you have set all the options, click either the Preview button to see an on-screen view of the report before it is actually printed, or click Print to have the report sent directly to the printer.

Note:  The settings for the Blank Family Group Sheet report are saved in a file called BlkFGS.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

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