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Backing Up a Family File

Backup Basics
You should make regular backups of your Family File so that in the case of a computer malfunction or power outage you still have a copy of all your work.  

Making regular backup copies of your Family File information is essential, yet is often taken for granted or ignored by many.  Backups are a fundamental part of using a computer.  If you never make backups and your hard drive fails, Legacy Technical Support cannot help you put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  If you do make backups, you will be extremely happy someday and maybe even famous.  More than one lowly family historian has been whisked off on a fantastic vacation by other family members after saving their vital genealogical information.

It may be tempting to skip the backup process while trying to gain a couple minutes of needed sleep at the end of a long evening in front of the computer, but don't give in!  Make regular backups.

For the purposes of these instructions, a backup file is one created by Legacy in the steps outline below.  Legacy backup files are compressed and the file name ends with a .zip extension.

Whenever you have loaded a Family File, Legacy makes a note of it and reminds you to make a backup copy when you quit the program.  The Backup Family File window tells you how many files you have worked in during the current session and offers to copy each one.  You can skip a specific file by clicking the Skip This One button or you can skip them all by clicking Skip All.  (The only valid reason you would want to skip all the backups is if you have not changed any information in the files or the house is on fire and the flames are coming under the door.)  To backup each file, click Backup.

This screen is shown when you exit Legacy.  You can also make a backup copy of your family file by choosing Backup File from the File tab on the Ribbon bar.  This is also a good way to send a copy of your family file to another person because the file is compressed during the backup process and takes up a lot less disk space.

If you have turned off the backup reminder, we recommend that you reset your Legacy options to automatically prompt for backups each time you exit the program. Here's how:

1. Choose Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar.
2. At the Customize screen, click on the Other tab.
3.  Click on the Turn on or off Optional Reminder Messages button.
4. On the Prompts/Reminders tab, checkmark the option, Reminder to make a backup when exiting Legacy and then click the Close button.

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