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Ancestor Options

Make sure the person you want is displayed in the Current Individual box at the top.  (Use the Change button to select a different individual.) Using the up and down arrows on the spin control, set the number of generations that you want to include.  

The Ancestor Options screen is reached by clicking on the Ancestors button on the Advanced Tagging screen.  It is also reached by clicking on the Add an Individual and Ancestors button on the Focus Group screen.

Direct-Line Ancestors
Select this option to include all the direct-line ancestors of the current individual.  You can also choose to include each ancestor's other spouses, brothers and sisters and their spouses (but not the ancestors of the spouses).  Any spouses of the current individual are also included.

Entire Ancestor Line
Select this option to include every individual linked to the current individual starting on the ancestor side.  This includes each ancestor's brothers and sisters, their spouses, their spouses ancestors, all the descendants of all the ancestors, etc...anyone linked to anyone on the ancestor side.  (The descendants of ancestors will not come back down through the current individual although there is a possibility that the line could come down through a different branch and come back up to the current individual.)

Multiple Parents
If one or more individuals are linked to more than one set of parents (because of an adoption or something similar) and you want to include these other lines, check this option.