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Alternate Names

Many times you will find that a person's name is represented in more than one way.  Either the spelling of the name will differ in various sources or the name will be completely different.  Sometimes names were changed when a person immigrated to a new country.  Sometimes names were recorded wrong because of misunderstandings or bad transcription.  Many people go by different names as they grow up, going from nickname to nickname.  All of these names should be recorded because you never know when a variation will be used in a new source.

The Alternate Names screen is reached by clicking the Alternate Names icon on either the Family View (under the Husband or Wife) or on the Individual Information screen.

Adding New Alternate Names
To add a new name to the Alternate Names List, click Add.  An input window appears where you can type in the new name.

Editing an Existing Alternate Name
To edit an existing alternate name, highlight the name and click Edit.  An input window, filled with the current spelling, appears where you can make the desired changes.

Deleting an Alternate Name
To delete an existing alternate name from the list, highlight the name and click Delete.

Click Source to create a citation for the highlighted name.

Swapping an Alternate Name with the Main Name
If you would like to have one of the alternate names become the primary name, highlight the name and click Swap Name with Main Name on Record

Other Tools
Global Check for Multiple Names