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Couple's LDS Ordinance Information

The LDS Ordinance Information form shows the husband's and the wife's baptism, endowment and sealing dates and places as well as their marriage sealing information.

The LDS Ordinance Information screen is reached by clicking the Temple button on either the Husb or Wife box on the Family View.  It can also be reached by clicking the Temple button on an individual's Information screen.

Repeat Keys
While filling in the ordinance dates and temples, you can use the following methods to repeat information from the last form you filled in.

The Repeat button - The Repeat button at the bottom of the window duplicates the entry made in the same field of the last individual for which you entered information during the current session.
Alt-R, Ctrl-R and F8 - Pressing any of these keys works the same as clicking the Repeat button.
Line Labels - Clicking on a line label to the left of a line, such as "Baptism", "Endowment", "Sealed to Parents", or "Sealed to Spouse", duplicates both the date and temple fields.  This is the same as clicking the Repeat button twice.

  See LDS Ordinance Information for more details.

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