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Using the Alarm Feature

Legacy includes a built-in alarm feature that lets you set a time to have a popup reminder window displayed.  The alarm message window indicates the current time and how long you have been working during the current session

To use the alarm feature, you must first set the activation time and message.  

1. Choose Set Alarm from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar.  (You can also click on the time indicator at the bottom of the main window.)
2. Specify the alarm display time by setting the hour, minutes and AM-PM indicator.  
3. Turn the alarm on by clicking ON.  
4. Specify the Snooze time.  This is the number of minutes before the alarm message is displayed again if Snooze is clicked.
5. Enter a message to be displayed when the alarm is activated.  This could be a reminder, such as writing that letter to Aunt Mary, or it could be just a note telling yourself that it's late and you have to go to work tomorrow...
6. When everything is set correctly, click OK.

When the alarm time is reached (according to the system time set in your computer), the Alarm Message window displays the current time and  message.   You can choose to work a little longer by clicking Snooze, turn the alarm off, reset the alarm to the same time tomorrow or reset the alarm to a new time.

Note:  When the alarm is set, the time displayed at the bottom of the main Legacy view will be underlined.

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