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Set Living (Deluxe Edition only)

There are several Legacy reports, plus web pages, where the privacy of anyone whose Living status is set to Yes is protected by suppressing all personal details.  When creating these reports, no information is included for ancestors born centuries ago if they are inadvertently left set as Living.  See Living Individuals.

Normally an individual's Living status is set at the time they are manually entered.  The process is automatic if their death or burial information is entered or their birth or christening date is more than 120 years ago.  If no birth, christening, death, or burial information is entered, their status remains at the default Yes, if not changed to No.
It is an easy task to set the Living status of a few individuals manually, but the task can become formidable when adding hundreds or thousands of new people to your family file with a GEDCOM import.  This is where the Set Living utility comes in handy. 

 (This feature is only available in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy.)

To use the Set Living feature:

1. From the Name List on the View tab of the Ribbon bar, click the Options button and select Set Living from the Options menu.  The Advanced 'Set Living' window opens.
2. Select the group of individuals for whom the Living status will be changed.  These can be tagged individuals or individuals in a Search List.  (Tagged records might include, for example, an ancestral line beginning with a deceased great grandmother who was born in 1876.  It is safe to assume that her ancestors are all deceased, regardless of any missing information.)
4. Under Set Living to YES or NO, click either YES or NOSet Living = NO marks individuals as being dead.  Set Living = YES marks individuals as being alive.
5. Click the Apply button.