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Adjust Display Attributes

You can adjust the attributes of an image to make it appear more clearly.  The following attributes can be changed:

The Adjust Display Attributes window is reached by clicking Display Attributes… on the Display Picture window.  (The Display Picture window is reached by choosing Add Media > Picture on the Media Gallery window.)

Brightness-An image's luminous intensity.

Contrast-The relative difference between the black and white values.  The higher the number, the whiter the whites and the blacker the blacks.

Sharpness-The sharpness of the edges in an image.  The higher the number, the sharper the edges.  Lower numbers blur the edges.  If you click Apply repeatedly, the picture will get sharper and sharper (or blurrier and blurrier if you are going the negative direction).

To change a value, either click on the right or left arrow at the ends of a scroll bar, or drag the scroll bar handle left or right.
To apply the setting changes to the underlying picture, click the Apply button.  When you are satisfied with the settings, click Close to return to the Picture Display window.