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Add or Edit Child-Parent Relationship

You can specify the relation of each child to the father and the mother.  These relationships can be things like Adopted, Foster, or Sealed.  They can even be things like Unproven or Disproven.  The relationships can be specified differently for the father and mother.  Perhaps the father is the biological parent and the mother is an adoptive parent.  The default setting is Biological which is shown as a blank.  

To add a new parent relationship name to the Master Child-Parent Relationship List, click the Add button and then enter the new term. 

To edit an existing relationship name, highlight the name and click the Edit button.  Make the desired changes and then click Save.

To reach the Add or Edit Child-Parent Relationship window, click the Add or Edit buttons on the Master Child-Parent Relationship List.
The Master Child-Parent Relationship List screen can be reached by clicking the down arrow at the right side of the Relationship to Father or Relationship to Mother field on the Children's Settings screen or the Parents screen or by choosing Master Lists / Child-Parent Relationship from the View tab of the Ribbon bar.