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About Dialog Box

The About box is reached by choosing About Legacy… from the Help tab on the Ribbon bar or clicking the About link near the upper-right corner of the Ribbon bar

Missing image: aboutdialogbox.png

The About window displays the Legacy copyright notice and the current version number.  
  • Clicking the General link displays the Family File Information screen showing you the specific build date of Legacy that you are using, your customer number (if you are using the Deluxe Edition), and lots of information on the current family file.
  • Clicking the Company link displays the Company Information screen showing you how to contact us for sales and technical support, and how to get to our Internet home page.
  • Clicking the Translations link displays the Language Translations (localized versions of Legacy) screen that takes you to more information on the many languages Legacy supports.
  • Clicking Close exits the About box.

    10-1017 : 20206 RK