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Adding / Editing (Options)
  • Verify NEW names and locations entered the first time - Selecting this option causes Legacy to ask for verification whenever you enter a name or location that it has not seen before.  This is a good way to catch spelling errors.
  • Jump to Notes when saving individual - Select this option if you would like to automatically be taken to the Notes window each time you save an individual's information.  This is a good way to be reminded to keep sources up-to-date as new information is added and changed.
  • Jump to Marriage info when adding a spouse - With this option selected, after you add a spouse to a person, the Marriage information screen automatically appears so you can enter the marriage data.
  • Check for Problems when saving individual - Looks for common problems such as burial before death, death greater than 120 years after birth, etc.
  • Verify USA Counties in Place Names - Checks the Legacy historical county database to verify that the county existed in the given state within the time frame entered.

    These options can be set from the Customize screen reached by choosing Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar and then choosing the Data Entry option on the menu panel.

    10-1011 : 20217 RK