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How to Add a New, Unlinked Individual

A new, unlinked person is one who currently has no parents, children, or spouses connected to him or her.  When you first start entering individuals into a family file, the Family View is empty, showing no names.  The first person you enter is therefore an unlinked person until you add a spouse, children, or parents.  From then on you are generally adding new people who are related to someone already in the file, such as children to parents, parents to children, or husbands to wives.  Sometimes, however, you run across one or more individuals whom you think might be related, but you don't yet know where they fit.  These can be entered as unlinked individuals or lines, and kept in the family file until you discover where they belong.  To do this, you must first clear the existing names on the screen, thus allowing you to enter a new name with no current connection to anyone else.

 To enter a new, unlinked individual:

1. Choose Add Male or Add Female in the Add Unlinked group on the Add tab on the Ribbon bar.  The Information window appears.
2. Fill in the person's vital statistics and other information.  Be sure to click the appropriate gender option for Male or Female.
3. When you are finished, click Save.
4. You can now continue to add more individuals who are linked to the one you just entered, or you can enter another unlinked person by choosing the option again.  You can enter as many unlinked individuals as needed.

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