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Unlinking a Child from Parents

To unlink a child from parents:

  • Right-click on the name of the child you want to unlink while they are displayed on the Family View.
  • Select Unlink from the shortcut menu and then choose From Parents from the submenu.  The Unlink window appears, showing the name of the parents and a list of any siblings currently linked to the individual. 
  • To complete the unlinking, click Yes.  To abort, click Cancel.

    When you choose to unlink an individual from their parents, you are telling Legacy to break the tie that exists between that person and their parents and their siblings (if any).  Unlinking a person does not delete the individual from the family file.  It simply disconnects him or her from having a child relationship with the current parents, and a brother-sister relationship with any siblings.  The person would still remain linked to his or her spouse(s) and children.

      To check out the QuickTip video on How to unlink a child, spouse, or parent, click here.

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