Legacy9 Help System Contents

Bingo Card Game
Copy Between Family Files
Load Source Clipboard
Save Source Clipboard
Event Options
Detail Tab
Edit Tab
Events Tab
Notes Tab
Family Tab
Sources Tab
Advanced Deleting
Shared Stories
Story List
Import Wizard
Why Bad Things Happen to Good Notes
How to Export GEDCOM Files from Other Programs
Importing a PAF 3, 4, or 5 file
Web Page Creation
Counting Trees
Page Setup
Index Options
Henry Numbering System
Marriage Report Options
Same-Sex Relationships in Legacy
Source Options
Hint Processing Monitor
Living Individuals
Merging SP Information
Sound and Video Caption
Special Characters
Apply To All Records
Choose Text Editor
Choose Browser
Choose Word Processor
Load Video File
Select a New GEDCOM Tag
Import GEDCOM Filename
Search And Replace
New Address
Master Repository List
Advanced Set Living
Printing Options
Master To Do Category List
Master To Do Locality List
Adding Categories
Adding Localities
Deleting a Family File
Check and Repair Family File
Master Lists Cleanup
Export GEDCOM Record Selection
Sort Location List
Report Fonts
Customize Name List Detail
Customize Family View Information
Picture Scrapbook Options
To Do Lists
Adding a To Do Task
Additional Merge Options
Changing a Master Address
Changing a Master Event Address
Changing Master Repositories
Advanced Source Citation
Character Map
Report Options
Name Tags and Address Labels
Box Border Styles
How to Use the History List
How to Copy From One File to Another
Customize - General Settings
Customize - Data Entry/Edit
Customize - Dates
Customize - Fonts
Customize - File Locations
Customize - Launch
Customize - Other Settings
Customize - View
Customize - Colors
Spell Checking
User Dictionaries
What do the Little Symbols Mean
Slider Show
Custom GEDCOM Tags
Advanced Marriage Tagging
Changing Options Back to the Default Settings
Location Report
Moving Non-Locations Out of the Location List
Report Title Options
Relationship Chart
Relationship Calculator
SourceWriter - Family Group Record Format
Not Duplicates List
Advanced Source Citations
Print To Do List
Renumbering RINs
Compare Two Files for Duplicates
What's New in the Deluxe Edition
Optional Reminder Messages
Merge Marriage Notes
Merge Marriage Addresses
Birth, Christening, Death and Burial Notes
Filtered To Do Item Will Not Be in List
Unlink from this Family
Descendant Narrative Report
Searching the Internet
Unlocking The Evaluation Edition
Geneanet.org Searching
Legacy Reports
Picture Center
Distance and Bearing Calculator
Chronology View
Chronology View Options
Chronology Report
Event Report
Latitude and Longitude
Adding or Editing Master Locations
Search the Internet
Customize Internet Searches
Select an Internet Search
Create Custom Internet Search
Global Spell Checking
Spell Check Options
Customize Family View Toolbars
Customize Main Toolbar
Color Coding of Ancestors
Advanced Set Living
Customize the Display Fields on the Family View
Select Tags to Show
Embedded Text Formatting
Custom Box Colors
Mary Hill Color-Coding System
Event Narrative Formatting
Select a Color Scheme
Set Ancestor Colors
Moving Non-Sources Out of the Source List
Prepositions on Locations
Add or Edit Event Definition
Add or Edit an Event
Report Output Formats
How to Send Files Via E-mail
Attaching a File in Calypso
Attaching a File in Outlook
Attaching a File in Hotmail
Attaching a File in Netscape Communicator
Attaching a File in Pegasus
Attaching a File in Outlook Express
Index View
Customize Index View Columns
Load Column Layout
Load Custom View
Load To Do Clipboard
Save To Do Clipboard
Save Custom View
Save Column Layout
American Soundex System
Attaching a File in Eudora
GIF Graphic Files
Attaching a File in Yahoo
Attaching a File in AOL
Merge Master Locations
Merge Event Definitions
Customized HTML Headers and Footers
Chronology View Example
Chronology Report Example
Locations From Abbreviations
Abbreviations Used in Publications
Copy Report to Clipboard
New Features Not in the Manual
Name for Media Backup File
User-Defined GEDCOM Tags
Tips and Tricks
Potential Problems List
Select a Color
Set Tag Colors
Set Global Ancestor Colors
Embedding HTML Codes into Notes
Customize Quick Access Toolbar
Interview Report
Source Detail Comments
Family Tree Picture Report
Bad Date Search
Title Page Options
File ID Number Assistant
Global Change of File ID Numbers
File ID Number Report
Calendar Creator
Descendant View
Customize Descendant Display
Legacy Charting
Multiple Lines of Descent Book
Selecting Multiple Lines of Descent
Contract/Expand Location Parts
d'Aboville Numbering System
Exclude from Potential Problems Reporting
Search Notes
User Files
Customize - Data Format
Customize - Data Defaults
US County Verifier
US County Verification List
Publishing Center
Pedigree Resource File
Color Selector
Merge Locations
Master Child-Parent Relationship List
Add or Edit Child-Parent Relationship
C, P, and S Links on Web Pages
Merging Family Files - Best Practices (Summary)
Merging Family Files - Best Practices
de Villiers/Pama Numbering System
Purge Unused Child-Parent Relationships
Purge Unused Sources
Purge Unused Addresses
Purge Unused To-Do Categories
Purge Unused To-Do Localities
Creating Timeline Files
Timeline Files
Timeline Description
Timeline Editor
Edit Timeline Entry
Family Dictionary Report
Book Source Options
Research Guidance
Legacy Home Tab
Selecting Timelines
US County Verification
Changing the Letter Case of Names
DNA Records
AutoSource - Export
Scrapbook Options
Text Editor Window
Affiliate Program
Photo List Options
Renaming a Family File
Report Line Spacing
Check for Updates
Update Reminder
Picture Options
Changing Gender
FamilySearch Download
Quick Duplicate Options
Possible Duplicate
Legacy FamilySearch
FamilySearch Login
Legacy NFS Sources
FamilySearch Icons
Add Person
Select a Language
Open Read-Only Family File
FamilySearch Integration
Relationship Terms
Unrecognized Media Path
Customize Child List Columns
LDS Options
Language Translations
MyTrees Account Information
Order a Legacy Manual
Research Guidance Options
Repository Details
Repository List
Research Guidance Source Details
Free Updates
Remove Name-Only Events
Background Gradient Patterns
Set Gradient Colors
Color Samples
Set Gradient Gender Colors
Set Gradient Male/Female Colors
Set Gradient Title Colors
Set Colors
Color Samples, Fixed
Sort Children, Marriages, and Events
Source Quality
Split Place and Comment
Custom Toolbar Button
Copy to Media Folder
Convert Family File
Where to Find an Option in the Customize Window
Unlinking a Child from Parents
Unlinking a Spouse
Attaching a Child to Parents
Attaching a Spouse
Swapping Husband and Wife
Married to the Same Spouse More than Once
Tips and Tricks About Legacy
Importing Files into Legacy
Find and Merge Duplicate Records with Ease
Sharing Research Tasks
Multiple and Single Parents
Adding and Scanning Pictures
Adding Sound and Video
Image Format Basics
Printing Pictures
Slide Shows
Picture, Sound and Video Locations
Meaningful Picture Names
Displaying and Editing Pictures
Troubleshooting Picture Problems
Splitting Files
Formatting Data Entry
Publishing Web Pages
Combine Master Location
Combine Event Definition
Geo Location Database
Using the Geo Location Database
Geo Location Database Search
Date Confirmation
Forms Center
Set File Sorting Order
Add an Additional Marriage
Gather My Pictures
Source Labels
Shared Events
People Who Share This Event
Picture Relinker
Share Event With Another Person
Share an Event With an Unconnected Person
Edit Role
Role List
Select a Picture
Add or Edit Event Role
Origins Report
Migration Report
How Legacy Saves Option Settings
Creating Event Sentences
Defining Event Roles
The Ribbon Bar
File Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Edit Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Add Tab on the Ribbon Bar
View Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Report Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Tools Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Search Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Internet Tab on the Ribbon Bar
My Toolbar Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Options Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Help Tab on the Ribbon Bar
Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
QuickTip Videos
Going Back to a Previous Version from Version 8 of Legacy
Legacy Hints
Hint Results
Hints for Living People on MyHeritage
Attaching a File in Windows Live Mail
No Help Available
Items to Include on the Map
Privacy Settings
Guided Setup Wizard
Starting Pedigree Wizard
Standardization Tips
Legacy Home Options
Which Source System to Use
Import File
Place Holder
Confirm Alternate Names
Found Multiple Names in Name fields
Global Check for Multiple Names
Starting Family File
Starting Family
Button Bar
Enter Key Behavior
Program Exit
Adding / Editing
LDS Dates
Saving the Preference Settings
About Dialog Box
Add Dialog Box
Using the Alarm Feature
Exporting GEDCOM Files
Importing a GEDCOM File
Setting the Preferred Startup Family
Query By Example
Detailed Searching
Miscellaneous Searches
Missing Sources Search
Marriage Information
Information Screen
Name List
Family View
Compacting the Family File
License Agreement
Missing Information Search
Census List
Alternate Names
Citing the Sources of Your Information
Hashtags in Legacy
Define or Edit a Master Source
Deleting an Individual
Editing Children
GEDCOM Export Items
Pedigree View
GEDCOM Items to Import
Defining Unrecognized GEDCOM Tags
Goto ID Number
Modification Date and Time
Hashtag Add
Hashtag Selection
Hashtag Search
Master Event Maintenance
Master Source List
Delete the Marriage
Changing A Master Source
Parents List
Source Detail
Defining Master Sources
Submitter Information
Unlinking An Individual From Their Spouse
Unlinking An Individual From Their Parents
Popup Information Boxes
Siblings List
Welcome To Legacy
Using Legacy
Examples and Demos
System Requirements
Calendar History
Entering Dates in Date Fields
State Abbreviations
Temple List
Adding New Temples
Clicking and Double-clicking
Moving and Sizing Windows
Drives and Directories
Cut, Copy and Paste
Overview of Legacy
Entering Locations in Place Fields
Choosing Dates From the Calendar
Common Terms
Time Line
The Main Form
Program Capacities
Shortcut Keys
Photo Album Options
Source Assistant
Convert Picture
Unrecognized Date
Add A Selection to the Focus Group
Focus Groups
Picture Gallery
Displaying A Picture
LDS Ordinance Information
Slide Show
Family File Information
Master Temple List
Add New Temple Name
Census Forms
Blank Family Group Sheets
List Report Options
LDS Ordinance Reports
Problems Report
Report Menu
Age Report
Family Group Sheets
Descendancy Reports
Pedigree Charts
Individual Reports
Marriage List
Timeline Reports
Ancestry Reports
Lineage Reports
Ahnentafel Reports
Family File Information Report
Research Logs
Print Preview
Printing a Report
Line Spacing
Print Size
Jumping To Bookmarks
Using the History List
Adding Locations
Adding Surnames
Adding Event Names
Adding Temple Names
Ancestor Tag Options
Register Report
Background Color
Source Citation Report
Excluding Individuals from the Potential Problems Report
Field Names to Display
Saving Focus Groups
Loading Focus Groups
Backing Up a Family File
Loading a Picture
Recording Sounds
Finding a Picture or Sound File
Advanced Tagging
Selecting a Path
Printing Note Fields
Importing a PAF 2.x File
Starting a PAF Import
Spouse List
Marriage Notes
Descendant Options
Master Locations List
Master Surname List
Master Event List
Master Source Type List
All LDS Ordinance Information
Source Clipboard
Map My Places
Adding Source Types
Relationship Report
Tagging Records
Zooming Grids
Picture and Sound Locations
Starting a GEDCOM Import
Adjust Display Attributes
Legacy Features
How to Start a New Family File
How to Add the First Individual
How to Enter Notes for an Individual
How to Add New Events to an Individual
How to Add Marriage Information
How to Add a Child
How to Add Parents
How to Add a New, Unlinked Individual
How to Navigate
How to Use the Name List
How to Use Right-Click Menus
How to Back Up Your Family File
How to Import a GEDCOM File
How to Import a PAF File
How to Link in Existing Individuals
How to Use Bookmarks and the History List
How to Add an Additional Spouse
How to Unlink or Delete a Child, Spouse or Parent
How to Rearrange Order of Spouses and Children
How to Search for Individuals
How to Show Relationships
How to Customize Legacy
How to Display Another Family/Pedigree View
How to Export a GEDCOM File
How to Add Additional Parents
How to Merge Duplicate Individuals
How to Find Potential Problems
How to Print a Report
How to Print a Book
How to Print Blank Forms
How to Document Your Information
How to Add a Picture
How to Add Sound to a Picture
How to Add a Spouse
Who Is Using This?
Import Lists
Warning: Duplicate Found
Zooming a Picture
Setting Relationships
Printing an Order Form
Checking Picture Locations
Possible Duplicates Report
Product Support
Customer Support
Technical Support
Before You Call for Help
How to Contact Millennia
Map My Family
Millennia's Internet Home Page
Getting Started
Merging Records
Merge Options
Open a Family File
Open File
Backup a Family File
Restore Family File
Select a PAF File
Naming a New Family File
Postponed Merge
Merge Complete
File to Compact
Starting a Legacy Import
Import Complete
Can't Keep Original RINs
Can't Use Original MRINs
Overwrite Backup?
Making a Backup Before Merging
Importing a Legacy File
Exporting a Legacy File
Making a Backup Before Compacting
Family File to Import
Select a GEDCOM File to Import
Backup Available
Start New Merge?
Ancestral File
Continue Existing Merge
Calendar Report Options
Set Preferred Line
AutoSource Reminder
Surname Summary
Family File Save As...
Name for Backup Family File
Load Sound File
Select Starting Family File
Select a Family File
Load Export List
Import GEDCOM File
Load Import List
Load Picture File
Read Text File
Load Background
Copying Extra Information
The Two Individuals are Related
The Two Individuals are Closely Related
Export Family File Name
Merge Information Report
Chronology Comparison
Selecting Printer Fonts
Common Abbreviations
Contributing Information to Ancestral File
Purge Unused Temple Names
Backup Family Files
Purge Unused Surnames
Child Columns
How to Use IntelliShare
Purge Unused Event Type Names
Purge Unused Locations
Purge Unused Source Types
Purge Marriage Status Names
Purge Child Status Names
Tag/Exclude Options
Purge Unused Picture and Sound Locations
IntelliShare Log File
Default Marriage Wording
Source Template Index
FamilySearch Overview
Legacy FamilySearch Filter Options
Legacy FamilySearch Select a Person
Advanced Search
Event Details
Select An Action to Perform
Edit Source Details
Potential Problems Options
Legacy FamilySearch Options
Legacy Ordinance Reservation and Tracking
Print New Cards
Reprinting Lost Cards
Card Details
Friend List
Add or Edit a Friend
FamilySearch - Possible Matches
FamilySearch - User Profile
FamilySearch Home Tab
Logging In and Out of FamilySearch
Proxy Settings
Import Individuals from FamilySearch
Legacy Standard Version
Relationship Diagram
Order Form
Soundex Calculator
Adding or Editing Marriage Status
Adding or Editing a Child Status
Master Marriage Status List
Master Child Status List
Picture/Sound Locations
Starts With
Equals (search)
Not Equal To
Before and After
Sounds Like
Displaying Surnames
Displaying RINs on Names
Popup ToolHelp
History/Bookmark Lists
Field Entry Highlight Behavior
Location Format
Presumed Dead
LDS Ordinance Indicators
Recently Opened Family Files
Color Options
Set Colors for User Interface
Select an Event
Select a Role