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Entering Locations in Place Fields

Locations for events should be entered in a consistent format.  It is suggested that you use the format of City, County, State/Province, Country.  Some users are tempted to leave off the country name when all of their information is from their own country.  This technique is shortsighted however because sooner or later a line will tie into a different country and the file will be passed around and read by other people in other countries who are not familiar with all the place names in the file and may not be able to determine the correct country.   If space is a consideration in the temptation to omit the country names so that they will fit better on reports, Legacy offers two variations of each master location name - a long version, complete with country name, and a short version, where you might want to leave off the country name and abbreviate state and province names.  You can choose which to use on reports.
Locations can be up to 255 characters long. 
Locations can also be selected from a list of previously entered locations. Using the down arrow to the right of the location fields opens the Master Location List from which you can find and select existing locations. See Master Location List for more information.
Popup Location List
Legacy maintains a list of all the different location names you have entered into your Family File.  You can display this list by clicking the down arrow button to the right of any location field.  To select a location name from the list, highlight it and click Select, or just double-click on the name.