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Radavstånd i rapport (Endast i Deluxe Edition)

Fönstret Radavstånd i rapport (visas endast i Deluxe) nås genom att klicka på knappen Anpassat radavstånd under fliken Sidutformning under Rapportalternativ i bokrapporterna förr Anor, Ättlingar, Ättlingsskildring, och Flera ättlingslinjer.

You can manually adjust the line spacing to be included above all the various book report sections.  The adjustments can be made in quarter-line increments by using the small up and down arrows to the right of the desired report section lines. 

You can save a particular set of spacing settings by clicking the Save button.  Previously saved settings can be reloaded using the Load button.  Click the Reset button if you want to return all the spacing values to their defaults.

9-0256 : 90410 RK