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The Side Toolbar consists of tools that affect the layout and viewing of your chart.  You can use these tools to move your chart around the page (or pages), move individual boxes, generations of boxes, or specific ancestor or descendant lines of boxes.

  The Selection Arrow - Used to select one or more boxes and then move them around on the chart.  When you select a box, the box's background turns black .  To move a selected box, drag it with the mouse cursor.  The number of boxes that actually move when you drag a selected box depends on the setting of the Drag button lower in the toolbar.  You can select more than one box by holding down the Shift key while you click on additional boxes.  You can also select multiple boxes by drawing a box that touches or encloses the desired boxes.  (With your mouse, point to a place on the background that is above and to the left of the upper-left box you want to select and then press down and hold the left mouse button while you then drag a rectangular box around the boxes you want to select on the chart.  When you release the mouse button, all the boxes enclosed or touched by the rectangle are selected.)

When you move any of the selected boxes, all the other selected boxes move with it (along with the other line or generation boxes specified by the current Drag button).  If you drag a box off the right or bottom edge of your chart area, additional pages are automatically added to accommodate them.  Likewise, if you drag all the boxes off of a page along the right or bottom side, the unused pages are removed for you.

The Drag Hand - When the chart is zoomed in to be larger than the main chart window, you can drag it around using the Drag Hand in order to view other parts of the chart.   Just hold the left mouse button down while you drag the chart in any direction.

Zooming In and Out - You can zoom your chart in and out, from 3 percent to 200 percent - to get the big picture or to see fine detail.  (You can also zoom in and out using the center wheel on your mouse, if you have one.)

Center Chart - Re-centers the chart within the least number of pages needed to hold it.  Only the chart boxes and lines are repositioned.  All pictures or text boxes that you have added are left alone.

Zoom to Chart - Sets the zoom level so that the chart fills the main chart window, if possible.  (If the chart is very large, the zoom level is set to a minimum of 3 percent.  You will then have to use the Drag Hand or the Navigator Square to move around the chart.)

The Drag Buttons - These determine which boxes are moved when you drag a selected box.

Drag only one Individual - Only the selected box (or boxes, if more than one has been highlighted) moves when dragged with the mouse.

Drag Lines of Individuals - The selected box and all connected ancestor boxes (for an ancestor chart), or descendant boxes (for a descendant chart) move when dragged with the mouse.

Drag all Individuals of the same Generation - All the boxes in the same generation as the selected box are moved.

Drag All Individuals - All the boxes on the chart are moved when the selected box is moved.  This includes any text or picture boxes on the chart.

The Reformat Chart button - Resets the current chart to the default layout (after asking for permission to do so).  If you have moved boxes around on an ancestor or descendant style chart, the boxes will be moved back to their default locations.  So, if you have spent a long time rearranging your chart boxes, don't use this feature unless you want to start all over again.  

Note:  The Reformat Chart button doesn't have any effect on Fan charts.

The Refresh Chart button - If you have made any changes to the underlying Legacy family file and want to see those changes reflected in the current chart, clicking this button will re-read the data and update the chart.

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