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FamilySearch is a genealogy organization operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is the largest genealogy organization in the world.  FamilySearch maintains a collection of records, resources, and services spanning billions of names designed to help people learn more about their family history. FamilySearch gathers, preserves, and shares genealogical records worldwide. It offers free access to its resources and service online at, one of the most heavily used genealogy sites on the Internet.

The website offers free access to digital images of genealogical records. These images can be searched along with a number of databases.

FamilySearch Family Tree
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released a web application to be able to interact with very large, unified databases of connected genealogical information. They call it Family Tree. Many of the FamilySearch databases have been combined into one database and all the records for each individual have been combined into folders. These folders are linked to pedigrees.

Some prominent features of the new website are:
  • Support for multiple assertions on facts, allowing people to "agree to disagree".
  • Source citations, including links to source images. This promised linking service may not be available in earlier versions. Documents scanned from the Church's 2.4 million rolls of microfilmed vital records, from around the world, will eventually be linked to individuals in the system. These films are currently being scanned and indexed.
  • Several features specific to the membership of the LDS Church, facilitating temple ordinance work.
  • A one-world pedigree of linked families that will operate wiki style, with anyone able to add comments and information.
  • A mapping utility that maps locations where an individual has resided. It is a mashup of the new FamilySearch website and Google Maps showing pushpins for events in a person's life.

    Legacy har full integrering med FamilySearch vilket tillåter dig att söka efter information på deras webbsida, ladda upp information som du har men som inte FamilySearch har, hämta/ladda ner information från FamilySearch och lägga in den i din Legacy familjefil och mycket mera. Du kan också delta i diskussionsforums för att dela information med andra och få svar på dina frågor.

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