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Exportera till en fil

You can export your wall chart to various file formats for various purposes.  This is useful when you want to email a chart to someone, or include a chart in a document or website.

To export a chart file:

1. Select the file format you want to create.  These include PDF, BMP (bitmap), JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. 

2. Select the file quality.   If you choose JPEG or PNG, both of which can include file compression, a Quality slider appears where you can select the amount of compression to apply to the file.  Less compression (toward the right end of the slider) results in a larger file but is of higher quality.

3. Select the Dots per Inch (DPI).  This applies to all the file formats except PDF.  The default DPI is 150.  Selecting a higher number results in a larger file.  To see how big the file will be with a certain DPI setting, click the Calculate button.  (Sometimes the resulting size of file is too large to export.  In this case, a message is displayed to that effect.)

4. Select where you want to export the file to.  The default folder is My Document.  If you want to change this, click the Browse... button and choose a different folder.

5. Enter the name for the file to export.  

6. Click OK to create the file.  To view the file after it is created, make sure you have the View after exporting checkbox selected.

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