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The Publish tab is part of the main Ribbon of Legacy Släkttavlor.  (See The Ribbon for more information on how to use this main toolbar.)

The ultimate goal of creating a large chart is to print it and hang it up for all to see and enjoy.  Charts can range from a single letter-sized page to a hundred square feet or more.  Simple charts with only a few generations can often be sized and positioned so as to only take one small sheet of paper and be easily printed on your personal printer.  Large charts can oftentimes require dozens or even hundreds of letter-sized pages to print.  These are better reserved for output on a plotter where they can be printed on a single sheet of paper that can generally be up to 42 inches wide and twelve feet long.  Plotters are often found at larger copy centers.  Släkttavlor also has a built-in and affordable chart printing service.

Your chart can be printed on your personal printer at any time.  Depending upon the size of your chart, it might span many pages that you would have to cut and tape together.  The total number of pages that your chart will print upon is shown in the Status bar along the bottom of the window.   Sometimes it is more efficient, taking fewer pages, to orient your paper to landscape rather than portrait mode before printing.  (To make this change, go to the File Button and choose Page Setup.)  

Printing Your Chart On Own Printer To print your chart, click Print on the Publish tab (or on the Quick Access Toolbar).  From the Print dialog box, make sure the correct printer is selected.  If you only want to print a range of pages, set the from and to values accordingly.  (The pages of the chart, as shown by the dashed red lines, are numbered left to right, and top to bottom.)  When you are ready to print, click OK.

Exporting to a File
You can export your chart to a graphic file in several different formats.  These include PDF, Bitmap, Jpeg, PNG, Tiff, and PSD.  PDF files are a great way to send charts to people by way of email.  The other formats are useful when including charts in books and other publications.

  To export your chart, click the Export to File button on the Publish tab.  Choose the desired format, select the export folder and file name, and then click OK.  For more information, see Export to File.
  • Email - When you have produced a nice chart and you want to share it with another family member or friend, it is convenient to be able to email it to him or her.  You can attach a PDF version of the chart or convert the chart to one of the other available file formats and send that. 

      To send a chart by email, click the Email button on the Publish tab.  Choose the file format (PDF File is usually the best)

    Ordering a Printed Wall Chart

    There are two modes for laying out charts in the program.  The first one is used for charts that you will be printing on your own printer.  The second is for layout charts that will be printed on a plotter.  Släkttavlor has a built-in professional chart printing service that make it very easy to visualize what your wall chart will look like when it is printed and how much it will cost to order it from us.

    - To start the professional layout process, click Order Chart  on the Publish tab.  When you do, the Order Option panel is displayed along the right side of the Släkttavlor window.  Click here for a description of all the Order Options.

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