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- The Insert tab is part of the main Ribbon of Legacy Släkttavlor.  (See The Ribbon for more information on how to use this main toolbar.)

Picture - One or more pictures can be placed in the background of the chart.  These pictures lie in a layer that is behind the chart boxes.  You can stretch these pictures to any size, even filling the entire background area of the chart.  Pictures can be cropped, rotated, converted to black and white, and faded.  Adjustments can be made to the brightness, contrast and saturation of the pictures.  Drop shadows can also be added.  (When you make these types of changes, you are working with a copy of the picture.  The original is not changed.)

Picture Resolution - Keep in mind that pictures used on a wall chart are generally larger than those you might see in a book or other page-sized report.  If your pictures are low-resolution, they will probably look very grainy and jagged when enlarged on your wall chart.  You should use the highest resolution you can when selecting pictures.  This is especially important for pictures that are being enlarged for use as the background of the chart.

Stretching a Picture - When you click on a picture, eight handles appear around the edge of the image that you can use to change its size.  The handles in the corners, when dragged, increase or decrease the picture size while maintaining the current aspect ratio (width and height proportions).  The handles on the middle of each side are used to stretch the image vertically or horizontally.  In other words, it will pull the picture out of its original proportions, making the picture, and the things or people within it, fatter or taller.

Text- One or more text boxes can be placed and moved to any position to enhance and describe the various parts of your chart.  The fill and text color can be changed and the box border lines can be adjusted or removed.  Drop shadows can also be added.

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